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A Friendly Post About Our Local Adoption Centers


Dear Friends,

This blog is dedicated to all the fur babies in rescue and adoption centers. Every year more shelters are considering closing down due to less donations or not enough animals being adopted. A lot of the time once these adoption centers close down, animals are being put down against their own will, especially if the next local adoption center is over populated. There are over 500 dogs and cats that can be rescued in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area at your local humane society, adoption center, and rescue homes. A+ Mobile Pet Grooming INC. has a goal to help as many animals to have a loving home by the end of the day. We do so by donating, spreading the word to the public, and making a difference one by one.


Adopting can be free to a price of $100. There are puppies and kittens that are up for adoption and rescuing. A few big adoption centers in Toronto are:

And many more


Visit our page for a list of all adoption centers.


Adopt a Pet! Save a Life!