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A Healthy Coat Means a Healthy Dog

Healthy Dog

The quality of your dog’s fur is an indicator of your beloved pets overall health. A dog’s coat should shine, be vibrant in colour and feel smooth without being excessively oily.

Numerous factors can lead to a coat losing its shine and becoming dull. Factors like poor diet, stress, infections, parasites or allergens overtime can contribute to a decline in health that manifests itself through poor fur quality. If you notice that your dog’s fur isn’t what it once was it is necessary to give this the correct attention, as it may a sign of a greater health concern or of something that is bothering the dog. A consultation with a veterinarian will be the best and easiest way to determine the root cause of the problem. However, there are certain steps you can take yourself to understand how your dog may be feeling. Besides the fur feeling dry and looking limp, look out for bald spots, irritated skin from itching, scabs or sores, bumps on the skin, or fleas. The skin should not be dry and not have excessive dandruff. This potentially can be caused by overly frequent bathing, which strips the coat’s natural oils and can actually cause more bad than good. For information on how frequently to wash your dog for its specific breed type, consult your veterinarian or do some research on your own from credible sources! Bathing infrequently is also problematic as it may cause your dog discomfort. Tangles, matted hair and objects stuck in the fur need to be regularly combed out or removed to ensure your pooch can move freely without any tugging or pulling of the hair and skin. This will also prevent stress and skin irritation in places your dog feels discomfort but cannot reach themselves, such as along the spine.

A key factor to the health of your dog’s coat is diet. Ensuring that your dog gets the essential vitamins and nutrients is vital to not only the way they look but also to how they feel. For the fur, protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins E and A are the key players in determining shine and vibrancy. Maintaining that your dog gets the right nutrition through high quality, veterinarian recommended food is the best way to ensure their dietary needs are met. Food allergens may also be a cause of diminished coat health, so make sure to pay attention to how your pet reacts to different types of foods. By examining your pet regularly, by watching for unusual behaviours and being mindful of the food quality you are supplying, your dog will benefit from your love and attention and also be healthy and happy!