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Products We Use

Pet Cleaning Products

A+ Mobile Pet Grooming uses only organic and hypoallergenic products. Just like humans, any harsh chemicals can damage our skin and hair, that’s why we believe your pet deserves only the best! We have shampoo’s & conditioner’s for puppies or adult dogs, dandruff treatment, anti-flea treatment, coat whitening treatment, and shampoo for dogs with sensitive skin.

We also offer a luxurious bath for dogs which includes the special soft infusing hair treatment that makes your dogs hair so fluffy and soft, with no additional charge! We offer the same treatment for Cats, we have shampoo’s & conditioner’s for kittens or adult cats, dandruff treatment, anti-flea treatment, and shampoo for cats with sensitive skin. We also have  special soft infusing hair treatment, also at no additional cost! We use products with companies WAHL, Tropiclean, Bark 2 Basics, and #1 All Systems.