MOBILE PET GROOMING (647) 542-3210 | HOURS: Mon-Fri: 9AM - 7PM, Sat: 9:30AM - 6PM, Sun: 10AM - 4PM | We are hiring!
Are you a new customer?

A deposit will be required for each pet in order to complete the appointment booking.

A+ Mobile Pet Grooming requires a minimum of 48 hour notice in case of cancellation, last minute cancellations will not have their deposit refunded.

Because appointments can be unpredictable, there is an unsuccessful fee that will apply. This will mostly apply if we are not informed in advance that the pet is aggressive, pet will not cooperate, etc. Being mobile is not easy, every minute spent on the road costs us in wages and gas, if you cancel a confirmed booking or the appointment is unsuccessful, you will still be charged for the service.
Are your pets up to date with their vaccinations?
Your pets are required to have up to date vaccinations.
Is your pet aggressive or harmful in any way during grooming, or has your pet required to use a muzzle before during grooming?
Dear Customer, unfortunately we are not able to accept pets with such characteristics. Our grooming facility is one-on-one based and unfortunately this is not a stituation in which our certified groomer will be able to handle on their own. Please send us a message for any further questions.
By clicking no, you consent that your pet is cooperative during its grooming session, and will not in any way hurt or intimidate the groomer.
Do you reside in an Apartment building or House?
Please note, A+ Mobile Pet Grooming requires the Loading Zone/Area reserved during the appointment time. No other form of Parking is accepted due to lack of availability and parking enforcements.
Will you be able to reserve the Loading Zone/Area for our Grooming vehicle?
Unfortunately, we are unable to service apartment buildings with no loading area due to parking enforcements and lack of availability. If you require an in-home service send us an email to We will do our best to help accommodate an in-home visit.
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