MOBILE PET GROOMING (647) 542-3210 | HOURS: Mon-Fri: 9AM - 7PM, Sat: 9:30AM - 6PM, Sun: 10AM - 4PM | We are hiring!


How does it work?

Mobile Pet Grooming… crazy right? Here is how it works. Our Certified Groomers travel to your residence with our fully set-up mobile grooming van. We have our own supplies, including water supply and our own electricity supply!

Do I need to be present the whole time during the grooming?

As long as there is someone to accommodate the drop off and pick up at the doors during the grooming, you are absolutely free to run your errands while your fur baby is being pampered!

How long does it take?

Depending on what you book, Basic packages are between 30 min to an hour. Full Groom Package will vary from 1-2 hours.

Do we groom cats, and extra-large dog breeds?

Our Certified Pet Groomers love to groom all breeds cats and dogs!
Please note: If your pet is aggressive, harmful or extremely hyperactive, we ask you please let us know in advance and we may refuse grooming. Best option for your pet if they display such characteristics, is to talk to your local vet for grooming options. Why? Veterinarians can prescribe sedatives and other calming supplements while grooming your pet.

Why do our prices vary?

Our prices vary on several facts. Including your location, what you are looking to get done, the breed of your pet, experience your pet has with grooming, and the condition of the coat.

If your pet has never had grooming done by a professional, they can display behavior of being very shy, hyperactive, fearful, etc. We absolutely still love your pet, but we will take our time to groom your fur baby until they feel that they are in a safe environment and are open so we have their trust. This is why we love what we do, and we do not focus on getting the job done, but rather expanding your pets trust with making their great grooming experience be the best thing for them.

Where do we service?

We service in North York, Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Maple, Woodbridge, Aurora, Newmarket, King City and Nobleton.

At the moment we do not service in Pickering, Ajax, Uxbridge, Keswick, Far west of Bramton, and Far west in Mississauga, and all other outskirt regions of Toronto.

If you have any more questions, please call us at 647-542-3210.