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Fear Free

Does your pet shy away from the blow dryer or nail clippers? How about trembling in the bathtub? Many pets don’t necessarily enjoy getting their feet wet, taking a bath or getting a haircut. This is a why we adopted Fear Free Grooming, a training framework of concepts and practices for groomers and pet owners developed by Fear Free Pets, that can help make the grooming experience much more comfortable (and even fun!) for your pet.

Whether it’s your pets first professional grooming appointment or they have already developed a fear, we can help them get used to the grooming environment through positive reinforcement, gradual desensitization, patience, and loving care. We know how to recognize signs of stress and anxiety, and we do the best we can to help your pet get more comfortable with the environment and the grooming experience.

Fear Free is not only for groomers though, and it is important to recognize that the process begins with pet owner education.

Pet Professionals can contribute immensity in creating happier, healthier, fear-free environments for pets, but it is the owners that start the process.

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Benefits of Fear Free

Alleviating or reducing the anxiety and fear that is associated with getting ready for the groomer to arrive

Condition through positive reinforcement to be more comfortable and anxiety/stress free during the grooming appointment

Increase compliance through gentle handling resulting in a much better haircut, and a much happier outcome for both the pet and pet owner

Promote a healthier pet coat, through more frequent visits and a trusting relationship between the pet and the pet groomer. 

How we do
Fear Free Grooming


Meet & Greet

Instead of jumping straight into the grooming appointment, which can overload some pets, we take extra time to introduce ourselves to your pet, evaluate their body language and anxiety levels, and take specific steps to get things off on the right note.


Positive Reinforcement and De-sensitization

Each pet is unique and may have sensitivities to different things. Whether it’s the blow dryer, or the nail clippers, our groomers will spend more time getting your pet comfortable with the environment through positive reinforcement and de-sensitization to eventually help them get used to the grooming environment, and even look forward to it!


Patience, Patience and Patience

Fear Free Grooming is a process and requires consistent appointments, as well as effort from the pet owners to be successful. This is why it is critical to remain patient and committed to cultivating a fear free environment, both with the groomer and at home.


Pet Owner Consultation

Our Pet Professionals can help advise pet owners on the steps they can take to reduce the anxiety levels in their pets, and improve the overall experience, happiness levels, and satisfaction for everyone involved with each appointment! Owner consultation takes place over the phone or in person, depending on the circumstances.

We encourage all pet owners learn more about Fear Free and what you can do to help cultivate an anxiety/stress free experience for your pet in all situations.