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How to Initiate a Good Friendship With Your New Pet In The Family

Laughing Cat and Dog

Many people with new pets feel over whelmed knowing the cat or dog may have anxiety such as social anxiety, panic, feel timid, etc. The best way to initiate a good friendship with your new furry family member is to give them their space, let them sniff all the rooms in the house and most importantly to not feel intimidated by other animals in the house. Cats unlike dogs, take a lot more effort to warm up to their owner and gain their trust. One of the most important thing to do for a new cat at home is to ensure they know where their litter box is and where the food is. Make sure other animals in the house are cat-friendly. It is also important to have a calm quiet household, as loud noises will certainly frighten cats and dogs. Treats are a great way to help gain your new fur baby’s trust and feel more relaxed and at home. Depending on where your pet has been adopted and their age, every pet has a different history with owners. If you are rescuing an older pet from a shelter, it can take many months to gain your pets trust, but at least you know they’re in a loving home having you to protect them!


Being present with your pet is also a great strategy to make them feel at ease. Many animals hate being home alone and may develop psychological problems later down the road. Take it easy, your new dog or cat will surely be happy they are part of your family!