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How to Prevent Dry and Irritated Skin for Your Pet During Winter

Dry and irritated skin is more common in the winter months due to changes in temperature and humidity. Recent studies show there is less moisture available during this time and less naturally-occurring molecules which protect the skin. At the same time, dry and irritated skin is also related to pet grooming and the need to closely monitor your pets skin during the colder months. But how can you protect your pet from dry and irritated skin?

Why Dry and Irritated Skin is Such a Problem for Pets

Snow, ice and cold temperatures create the ideal environment for your pet to experience dry, flaky or itchy skin. This is because cold weather elements can strip away the natural oils which protect the skin in much the same way as bad nutrition or excessive bathing. People also turn up the heating in winter which further reduces the amount of moisture available and creates a low-humidity environment in which your pet is most likely to the symptoms of irritated skin.

While you might notice the effects right away, many symptoms of irritated skin are more subtle and tricky to spot. For instance, small scabs or pimples beneath the coat can be a symptom of dry skin and the same is true if you sense a strange odor or increased oiliness. It’s also important to note that dry and irritated skin is related to pet grooming and efforts to protect your pets skin.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Pets Skin?

It’s true, dry skin is more likely during winter due to the weather but pet grooming is often the reason why many pets avoid it. That is to say, prevention is better than cure and pet grooming is the best way to prevent dry skin and ensure your pet stays clear of any skin infections during the winter months.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you can do to protect your pets skin:

Use a Pet-Approved Shampoo

It’s important not to wash your pet with human shampoo and to find a brand that uses a specific formula to improve the coat. It is also possible to find pet shampoos which are designed to combat dry and itchy skin. Professional pet groomers are very specific with the type of products they use to ensure they can safely groom your pet bi-weekly or as often as required.

Use a Humidifier in the Home

You might also consider using a humidifier inside the home. This can increase the amount of moisture available and reduce the effect that cold air can have on your pet’s skin. Humidifiers also reduce illness transmission and can be especially good for pets that experience any breathing related problems.

Let the Fur Grow Out

The health of your pets coat can significantly decrease the chances of dry and flaky skin. With this in mind, you should try to let the fur grow out during winter but also make sure to keep it from tangling with regular de-matting and combing.

Create a High-Quality Balanced Diet

Pay close attention to diet during the colder months because your pets needs the proper nutrition to ensure healthy skin. You might also consider the use of supplements and consult your local pet groomer for advice on this one.

Ensure Regular Grooming Specific to Your Pets Breed

Regular pet grooming will ensure the overall health of your pet and prevent any buildup of dirt in the coat etc. Bathing often can also help but it’s important to use pet-friendly products and the right equipment. For instance, you should never use a human hair-dryer on your pet because the actual heat can cause harm. Professional groomers use a special velocity dryer to force dry the coat and this is one of many ways in which you can avoid causing any unintended harm.

Use a Professional Pet Grooming Service

Although you should try to do some of this yourself, a mobile pet grooming service will know how to ensure your pet stays clear of dry and irritated skin this winter. These professionals have the necessary products, equipment and expertise to get the job done right and help create a regular grooming schedule specific to your pets breed.


The best way to prevent dry and irritated skin is to make sure your pet leads a healthy life. While you can modify the home environment a little, cold weather is inevitable and regular pet grooming is the key to protecting your pet this winter. But maybe you don’t have time or just want some experts to do the job?

Get in touch and we can start grooming your pet for the winter months.