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Cat Grooming

At A + Mobile Pet Grooming, we love and care about your cat just as much as you do. Our Certified cat groomers with many years of experience take the time to care about your lovely cat. We use the finest equipment available with environmentally friendly 100% organic and allergy safe pet products. We offer mobile cat services to any types of cats with any conditions. Every cat gets their unique haircut to fit their breed and personality. Our mobile cat grooming service provides excellent satisfaction to you and your cat, keeping them close to home but not in the house so you don’t deal with any mess, stress, or worries. When cats are not groomed whether that be by themselves or with assistance, mats can form and cause discomfort by pulling at the skin.

Select from the following cat grooming packages:

Cat Half grooming Package

Basic Bathing Package

Duration: 1hr
Price: $100


This includes:
1. Bath
2. Blow Dry
3. Brush
4. Nail Clipping
5. Ear Cleaning
and a complimentary tie or bow that suits your cat.

Cat Full Grooming Package

Premium Gold Package

Duration: 1hr 30min
Price: $150


This package includes:
1.  Bath Soak
2. Fluff dry
3. Brush
4. Lion Cut
5. Nail Clipping
6. Ear Cleaning
7. Includes trimming around sanitary areas
and a complimentary tie or bow that suits your cat.

Cat Grooming Addons

Grooming Add-ons

Duration: 30min
Prices Vary


This includes:
– De-matting
– Nail clipping
– Ear cleaning
– Anti-flea treatment
– Anal expressions
– Teeth brushing

NOTE: We do not propose prices as they may vary depending on pets coat and condition. If pet has never been groomed before and may show aggression and/or refuse grooming, we may charge an additional amount. Please proceed with booking an appointment for your estimated price.