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Why is regular grooming important for all breeds?

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Why is regular grooming important for all breeds?


Between the different breeds of dogs and cats, it is essential for all breeds to have a regular grooming. The benefits of a grooming is evidently to insure a healthy looking coat, but also promotes blood circulation, which is very important! If you do not have your dog or cat groomed by a professional, there are common illnesses that may occur with your pet. This include Hematoma/Seroma, a common cause of this is a tangled coat or not enough brushing for any coat. Not aerating the matted (tangled) area means no blood circulation, causing sacs of blood, this can be very dangerous to your pet. In addition, high levels of grease in a dogs coat will block pores, and this can cause sebaceous cysts.

It is also important to educate yourself on your pet’s breed. Knowing your dog’s coat type will help you understand the maintenance and amount of brushing required, also how often it is recommended. The type of coat your dog(s) can have are a silky coat, curly coat, smooth coat, double coat, or wired coat. When it comes to cats, coat types are a little less troublesome, there are longhaired cats or short haired. Regardless, cats also require regular attention with their coat, brushing, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and bathing is essential.


Have your pet visit a professional groomer every 3-6 weeks!